Drawn to Father Alexander Schmemann's vision, Holy Trinity works for that "rebirth of the liturgical life of the Church," he called for
in Liturgy and Life, "its better understanding by the faithful, a more responsible attitude to it, a more active participation in it."

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Fr. Paul N. Harrilchak
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Parish of the Orthodox
Church in America

  • the Orthodox way
  • in English
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The Divine Liturgy of the Great Church
with Melodies for Congregational Singing

In a new expanded edition.—Compiled and edited, OCA Texts revised, annotated, and set to the melodies, by Paul N. Harrilchak, presbyter in the Diocese of Washington, Orthodox Church in America

"Authentic Orthodox theology - Scriptural, patristic, liturgical - can provide us with real answers, and protect us from real dangers: pseudo-scholarship, pseudo-spirituality, and pseudo-Americanism."

-Fr, John Meyendorff, August 1984, assuming responsibility for the bright lamp of learning relinquished by Fr. Alexander Schmemann. Echoing Fr. John's appraisal, we have assembled the material set forth in "The Divine Liturgy of the Great Church"...Fr. John made good use of the original 1984 edition of our book.

"...with this release, both clergy and laity who love our familiar Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom should grab a copy. As a service book, it very effectively opens liturgy to more personal involvement. However, to truly appreciate all that the book has to offer, one has to sit down with an attitude of prayerful study and wrestle with it."

~ Reviews from: Peter Galadza, St. Paul University, Ottawa and Professor John Erickson, St. Vladimir’s Theological Seminary; as well as Gregory McKinney, on "Goodreads.com" Read the review.

Here is a resource book for priests, deacons, chanters, catechists, theology students, and interested laity:

 The text of the Divine Liturgy annotated for comprehension   Fathers ancient and modern have their say   A Glossary of Terms (Can the Orthodox Speak English?)   And a close-up look at the 1967 OCA translation   Our work explores underpinnings of Fr. Schmemann's thought about "a rebirth of the liturgical life."   Lifting a concept from Chrysostom, we look at liturgical matters through the lens of Liturgical Realism - "these things mean what they say."   And this in light of Fr. Alexander's caveat in Liturgy and Life. "The Orthodox way of life consists in...creative 'actualization' of Church tradition; refusing to follow it, we consciously or unconsciously abandon Orthodoxy."



 We give the text of the Divine Liturgy, with scriptural language and allusion amply noted.
 We offer an array of chants to bring our assemblies to life, together with a complement of Ukrainian songs with a new life in English.
 Troparia and kondakia for Sundays and Saturday, plus ten feasts of the Lord.
 Trisagion for the Dead, with Greek and Slavic chants.
 And, to inform, to instill and deepen understanding: copious and reliable annotation in the form of glosses, footnotes, sidebars, and the occasional essay.
 With its studied revision, correction and refinement of the 1967 OCA text of the Chrysostom Liturgy — formal-equivalence translation in the manner of RSV/NewRSV carried out in light of the Greek/Slavonic textual tradition and a plethora of Scriptural, liturgical and lexical scholarship—with its unique Scriptural, patristic, liturgical and historical annotation, The Divine Liturgy of the Great Church… may be the single most important resource book for the Divine Liturgy you can have at hand.
 Like the scribe in the Gospel we bring the new and the old from the Church’s store of knowledge and wonder. Form a study group. Cull ideas for homilies and talks. For catechesis, and outreach. Ideas for your bulletin. For your radio program. For your blog. Ideas to ponder. And use.
 Large type. Headpieces and initials reflect traditions of Eastern-Church book art. Photographs and art reproductions shed light on the Eastern Church mind-set. Spiralbound, 8.5 × 7, xvi + 280 pages, ISBN 978-0-930055-03-5.
 Price: $us 30.00 postpaid (International shipping: Canada add $us 13.00 one book; $us 18.00 two books; all other international addresses add $us 20.00 one book; $us 28.00 two books).

 Also from Holy Trinity/ Reston: Confession with Examination of Conscience and Common Prayers. If Fr. Alexander Schmemann can call the common, more ecclesial, mutually evangelizing approach to Confession “a school of repentance,” here is the textbook. 8.5 × 6.75, 212 pages; large type; black and red ink. Hardcover $us 38.50 postpaid; softcover (Smythsewn) $us 27.50 postpaid (International shipping: see above).

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